There are two programs that we offer, the Drug and Alcohol Program, known as the “Leader Program” and the Learner’s License/Permit, or Knowledge Test. These questions are for the Drug and Alcohol Program.

How do I get started taking your class?
First step is to give us a call. Phone: 407-324-2400.

Is this course approved by the State of Florida?
Yes. Our four hour classroom program, Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Program (TLSAE) known also as drug and alcohol course is approved by the State of Florida (DHSMV). The program is required per Florida State Statue 322.095:

Who is required to take this course?
Any person who is a first time driver; this includes teens as well as adults who never had a driver’s license.

How long is the 4-Hour Driver course?
The course is 4 hours long, including breaks.

Is the course all reading?
No. Most Florida courses are all reading. Our course has videos, fun animations, and print outs with graphics. Our program is written with teen’s interest in mind. We hope as a teenager; when you go through this program, you can appreciate our hard work and dedication to you, as you will discover and see this program was designed and created for teen drivers.

What do I have to take first, the drug and alcohol program or the learners license/permit exam?
It does not matter if you take the drug and alcohol program before or after you take the license/permit exam. However both the learner's license test and drug and alcohol course are required to get a Florida learner's license.

How old do I have to be to take the course?
You can take the drug and alcohol course before your 15th birthday, but you must be at least 15 to apply for your Class E Learner's License (restricted license).

When taking the drug and alcohol program, does the course have a final exam?
Yes. DHSMV requires you to take a final exam based on the course material. The exam has an open book feature. A score of 80% is required to pass and you are given multiple attempts. There is no additional fee if you do not pass. Great news, we are here to help you with the course work and are here to answer questions. We teach the class in an easy to understand method. Very few students have ever had a problem passing our program.That is because we are always there for you to help in any way we can.

If I have been licensed in another U.S. state, do I need this course?
No. The course is required only for people who have never had a U.S. driver license in any state. Some adults who have been licensed in another country might be required to take this course. Check with the State of Florida DHSMV to be sure.

How is my completion reported?
We report your completion electronically to the Florida DHSMV. You can use the State's Traffic School Completion Check page to see if your drug and alcohol course completion is showing up in the State's database.

How can I get in touch with a live person?
For fastest service, please call our toll free Florida customer support number: 1-800-853-1148 or 407-324-2400. Our office hours are five days per week, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Saturdays and Sundays on most weekends we have phone operators to assist you. We do return calls promptly, should a live person not be available when you call.

Here is the link to see if you completed the (TLSAE) program, Drug and Alcohol Program and that it has been reported to DHSMV.

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